10.4 Cts Natural Australian Opal, Rare Andamooka Crystal Polished Stone, Full Of Fire
10 Cts Natural Australian Crystal Opal, Polished, Coober Pedy, Bright Greens
8 Cts Natural White Australian Opal Polished Stone, Full Bright Rainbow Of Colours
1Ct Andamooka Crystal Polished Opal, Ready To Set, Reds - Australian Opal Store
0.75Cts Natural Australian Polished Black Opal Parcel, 2 Stones, Lightning Ridge. Greens And Blues. - Australian Opal Store
1.40Cts Lightning Ridge Black Polished Opals, 3 Stones, Greens And Blues. - Australian Opal Store
0.75 Cts Mintubi Gem Crystal Polished Australian Opal, Full Array Of Color, Faced Both Sides - Australian Opal Store
0.72Cts Black Mintubi Tear Drop Polished Stone, Brilliant Pin Fire Rainbow Of Color. - Australian Opal Store
Natural Australian Polished 3 - 7mm rondel beads. On a string. Coober Pedy - Australian Opal Store

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