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We feel that our prices are very fair and reasonable. However we understand that customers might have a different opinion. We welcome your offers for our products. When you click on certain products, You will see "Make An Offer" box. Not all the products will have that option.  We will take all reasonable offers into consideration. Many will be accepted and those that aren't will be responded to with a counter offer. In each case you will save money. In the future we are planning to introduce items for Auction. All that is part of making your experience fun while offering you value for your money.

Little Bit More About Us

Our New Venture

I had a passion for Australian opal since I first got to this beautiful country 30 years ago. I read all about this unique gem. Apart from its natural beauty and many forms, I read about its healing properties. As years went by I have visited opal mines, opal fairs and many markets. I bought several stones of which I would post as presents to family and friends living abroad. I loved getting rough opals and exposing the beautiful colors using a cabbing machine. I have been using different selling platforms to sell some of the stones. The flow of 2020 has forced me and my two young boys to be home bound. We used this opportunity to turn my hobby into a family business venture. I thought, why not have my own site to sell the stones? I have built many good relationships overtime with miners and dealers alike. I can offer better value not paying the fees to other platforms. Yes the trade will be slower at first but the value to the customer will be better buying on our site, and overtime that should be recognised. The boys are learning about the business and opals. I am following what I love. It is said that if you follow what you love and dedicate your time to it, you will not work a day in your life. I am testing this theory. The healing properties of that stone must be working, as the three of us are feeling good and having a great time doing it. This is despite the state the world is in at the moment. You may come across our social pages and see all of us on many posts overtime. The posts, photos and videos might not be perfect though. We want to represent the stones and ourselves as real as possible. I hope you don't give us hard time over it. The photos are not photo shopped, they are real and many stones will look better in your hand than they do on the photos. Our mission is to have fun, offer honest value and build many long lasting relationships through trading this Australian gift. We will always be happy to take the products back if the customer is not satisfied with it. Such is the nature of the opals that they look different in every light and from every angle. Some of you may visualize the stones differently based on the pictures or videos. We understand that and we will take the product back no questions ask. We are hoping that many of you will help us build a happy, honest, successful family business and all will get rewarded through our journey.

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