We Love Boulder Opal.

Why do I love Boulder opal so much? I love the vibrant color of all Australian Opal types. The uniqueness of the color on the ironstone is what grabs my attention with boulder. Boulder is predominantly found in Queensland, in the areas of Winton, Yowah and Quilpie. It's hard yakka mining in the heat over there up north. The humidity and harsh Aussie outback is not for everyone. The natural iron stone apart from adding to the hardness to the opal it has unusual color and shapes. Looking just at the iron stone patters is a pleasure to the eyes. The grounding experience of holding the big pieces of boulder is like no other. Now the color. I love the deep bright veins of color going through the iron stone. It is really in a class of its own and often i find it undervalued for its beauty and what it takes to get it from under the ground. The spectrum of colors are enhanced by the iron stone and are deep. I love the purples, greens, blues and sparkly reds. You can't be an Opal Lover without a slab of Boulder in your collection.