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23 Cts, Natural Australian Opal Stone, AAA Coober Pedy Crystal In The Rough

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23 Cts, Natural Australian Opal Stone , AAA Coober Pedy Crystal In The Rough, Super Gem. Another amazing stone. Faced with no risk. Huge gem opal. 29x18x6.5mm. This is a show off either investment piece or just stunning huge show stopper jewellery piece fit for the king or queen. I can't find words to do this justice. Crystal as good as it gets. Look at the video of dry stone and how much colour it shows and you will understand the quality of this piece. It does not come very often. I hardly see faced opal like that where the risk has been taken out of it. These pieces are becoming rarer and rarer and the prices just keep going up.  This piece deserves a high quality finish wrapped in gold. I would keep its size.

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