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10 Oz Natural Australian Opal Stones, Mintabi Rough and Rubs, Huge Amount of Stones. Most with Good Colour.

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10 Oz Natural Australian Opal Stones, Mintabie Rough and Rubs, Huge amount of stones most with colour. This comes and 9oz and i have face some from this parcel just to show you what it gets. So there is 1oz of rubs with some very good colour and mostly dark some black. This is seriously a lot of opal> not all stones will work out there are some cracky a lot Mintabi on sandstone and some make a very beautiful bright picture stones. All colour of the rainbow a lot of small stones with reds and bright green crystals. I think the bag of rubs here is worth what I am asking or more and the 9oz of rough is a bonus which will continue to deliver some more stones of value. How often do you buy bulk opal with colour for that price. Grab it and run.

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