Our First Succesful Auction Happened This Week.

We are adding further flexibility to the way our customers can purchase our opals. We are trying to get our Auctions established on our site. It is a new thing for Aus Opal Store. You will find yourself a bargain at Auctions or a rare piece of opal. We will be regularly Auctioning products in all price ranges. The stone in the picture is one from one of our first Auctions. You would be surprised what you can buy this parcel with. Our reserves and sometimes no reserves will make the product affordable and at great value. This stone is in the lower price range yet it looks so pretty. Those blues with sparkly green from Coober Pedy are yummy. There is color for everyone. We are very excited about this new way of selling. Our First Auction this week went at a bargain. At first while we are growing there isn't big bidder activity, which makes the possibility of grabbing a steal even higher. Help us grow, name your price and have fun bidding!!!