Opal Healing Properties

Opal Healing Properties

Opal is a 14th Anniversary Gemstone.

Birthstone - October

Zodiac - Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pieces

Element – Water

Vibration – 8

Opals are like fingerprints; not one is exactly the same as another. Its many forms and colors represent freedom and spontaneity. There are many forms of opals, including precious opals such as black, white, crystal or boulder opals and common opals such as fire, blue and pink opals. The precious opals are said to have higher vibrations and can instigate stronger feelings. Opals are emotional stones and tend to reflect the mood of the wearer. Opal stimulates originality and creativity. It encourages independence and it is said that it releases the inhibitions. It brings peace and true self-expression. It is said to help regulate insulin levels, purify blood and kidneys and help with infections and fevers.

In Roman times, Opal was linked with good luck and hope.


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